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[audio]2 LOCO RADIO Interviews Rap Veteran CEE ROCK '' THE FURY'' (via Spreaker) - !Handzup! Network
On July 2nd, 2014, Queens (NY) Hip-Hop veteran CEE-ROCK "THE FURY" was interviewed by this station called 2 LOCO RADIO (which is located in Knoxville, Tennessee). Interview was done via SPREAKER. The interview is 2-Hours plus and very informative. For all those who are big fans and followers of Real Hip-Hop, you may want to give this one a good listen. Please share, like, follow and post your comments to start a discussion based on the topics discussed (such as 'Rappers vs Emcees', 'Presentation...
Keywords: 2 Loco Radio; interview; Hip-Hop; Cee-Rock The Fury; Cee; Rock; Cee-Rock; Fury; Fury Anderson; Handzup Network; Handzup; Knoxville; Tennessee; Spreaker; Rappers vs Emcees
Downloads: 13
[audio]" dope jam " - " hoffmans bicycle "
after more requests for early stuff by the band we have up-loaded this the first track ever rehearsed and recorded by the band.christian brought this riff along to the first rehearsal in april 2005 and the band put together this arrangement in two weeks! it appeared on the groups first e.p. released a few weeks later...primitive steps for sure but the group dynamics were beginning to gell and we hope you enjoy what you hear?..recorded live on a small hand held stereo cassette player with no over...
Keywords: psychedelic rock
Downloads: 82
[audio]" szabo " (demo edit) 28/1/11. - " hoffmans bicycle "
this is an edit of a very long version that will appear on our debut album sometime this spring.It will be a bonus cut as it is being re-recorded with our friend kirsty on flute....again it will be very long...this track is 'szabo' only in title as our brand new line-up has taken it to new dimensions & spaces....this is from our visit to 'big noise studios' 28/1/11.
Keywords: 'psychedelic rock'
Downloads: 50
[audio]" szabo " - live 8/8/07. - " hoffmans bicycle "
going thru our archives i found several tapes that had been forgotten about for several years....graham a founding member had left the band but continued to be friends with all and with an upcoming gig at the 'sunrooms' southend -on-sea a support band was needed so david & robert decided to join forces with graham and form for this one off support slot a side project which they called " the incense factory"....they would mix old & new hoffmans tunes and rework them completely....a local wine bar...
Keywords: psychedelic rock
Downloads: 68
[audio]" the light of dawn " - " hoffmans bicycle "
this track from the 25th july 2012 is taken from the bands debut album to be released nov/dec 2012....we posted a short video of the band adding percussion at the studio 'big noise', here though the track is fully mixed and will be the opening tune on the album which is called 'an indian summer dance'...we hope you enjoy what you hear and take time to listen...recorded 'live' with just the percussion overdubs it features david on tamborine and jo challis on flute...
Keywords: psychedelic rock
Downloads: 63
[audio]" a cosmic journey into the universe " - " hoffmans bicycle "
this is 2/3rds of hoffmans bicycle with former founding member graham working thru material for their support slot with hoffmans bicycle! this was a side project called ' the incense factory '..hoffmans needed a support band for a forthcoming gig so robert & david got graham back in to play...what happened was they put together a set of very old and not played anymore hoffmans stuff play some newer things which they re-worked...here they coach graham thru a cosmic journey but graham just slays i...
Keywords: psychedelic rock
Downloads: 688
[audio]" scorpio rising " - " hoffmans bicycle "
this is a track the band recorded for a proposed e.p.(their 4th...) on 9th october 09 at their regular rehearsal studio 'montsale' with studio boss nick player...several tracks were recorded that day and remain unreleased....this composition by guitarist philip is a slice of space-rock that was only played live once at 'the castlemayne pub' january 10....the line-up was only together around 10 months but recorded extensively...and like all recordings is live(no over dubs!)...the line up was : da...
Keywords: 'psychedelic rock'
Downloads: 146
[audio]" at heavens gate " - live kkpd festival - 28/7/12. - " hoffmans bicycle "
here the band are appearing at a 3day space-rock festival in deepest devon where they debut several new songs & this was one of them....a beautiful tune written by andrew and featuring some understated incredible guitar by connor...this will be on the bands debut album released later this year...several tracks are being re-recorded this summer with our friend jo on flute who is an amazing female musicain...please keep checking back...
Keywords: psychedelic rock
Downloads: 107
[audio]" a visit to three suns ". - " hoffmans bicycle "
this is a brand new track recorded 28/1/11 at big noise studios with our producer simon davis at the controls.This also features a new line-up with : david.....tabla. connor....guitar/acoustic guitar/sitar/vocals. andrew....guitar/acoustic guitar/sitar. the current line-up has been together since early november 2010 and have already recorded half of their debut album...this is a track that will be featured and we hope you like it?..recorded live with only the voices at the beginning dubbed on......
Keywords: psychedelic rock
Downloads: 343
[audio]" an indian summer dance " ( long ver.) - " hoffmans bicycle "
here the band is working its way thru a fairly new-ish(then) tune called 'an indian summer dance' that would be the title track on their debut album...it has a couple of breaks where the band decide where to take it! already it was complete but here they take it to new heights .....this was recorded on a small hand held cassette player at a rehearsal space....all very live and all the better for it!..will continue to wade thru the bands archive of hundreds of tapes to see what else can be put up...
Keywords: psychedelic rock
Downloads: 336
[audio]"bongolian headtwister". - " hoffmans bicycle "
another track from the 29th may 09 album sessions at 'big noise studios' this was a one take and completely live version of our end of show tune 'bongolian headtwister'.It was a track that would have been on the debut album but alas not to be....the band are : david............tabla. robert...........guitar/12string acoustic/6string acoustic/sound scapes. christian........guitar/12string acoustic/sitar/vocals.
Keywords: 'psychedelic rock'
Downloads: 102
[audio]" sunny day dream " - " hoffmans bicycle "
this was recorded by a very short lived version of the band that lasted barely 3 weeks.By september of 2005 christian had left the band and andrew a friend of graham's had joined and brought along this beautiful laid back piece of hazy dream like psych one warm lazy october afternoon.Graham here plays shimmering glass like lead over andrews solid backing while david plays simple tabla patterns to hold it all together....
Keywords: psychedelic rock
Downloads: 194
[audio]" 1000 microgramms of love " - " hoffmans bicycle "
we have had lots of requests for early stuff by the band and here is an early tape hiss heavy demo that came out on the group's first e.p. now long sold out! it is the second song we ever recorded,this is from may 2005 a month after forming....tentative steps for sure but already the combination of twin lead guitars and tabla are stabilizing...plus a rare vocal outing from christian who also wrote the song.the group are : david.....tabla...
Keywords: ' psychedelic rock '
Downloads: 346
[audio]" 25 years today ". - " hoffmans bicycle ".
only those close to the band know that for a short time david & graham gigged as a duo between guitarists....here they play a tune called '25 yrs. today' at a local pub called the 'new welcome sailor'....completely live with graham on fine form with this ultra heavy feed-back drenched song...a nice groove is gotten from the off and hopefully your enjoy it too!...recorded 20/8/06 on a small hand held cassette recorder......
Keywords: psychedelic-rock
Downloads: 59
[audio]" waterfalls in a lunar landscape ". - " hoffmans bicycle ".
this is a brand new recording completed at 'big noise studio's' 27/5/11...i posted a short video clip up but here is that very track in glorious stereo! it will appear this summer on our debut album...the band is : david......tabla. connor.....electric guitar/6&12string acoustic/vocals. andrew.....electric guitar/6&12string acoustic/sitar.
Keywords: psychedelic rock
Downloads: 111
[audio]" moonstone mantra "(mescaline mix). - " hoffmans bicycle ".
this is a rehearsal recording done by the band on a korg digital portable recorder in the summer of 2008...engineered and produced by christain this is known as 'the mescaline mix' for good reasons......i continue to work thru the bands archives and am finding many many forgotten things.....the band was : david.......tabla. robert......guitar. christian...guitar.
Keywords: psychedelic rock
Downloads: 104
[audio]" moonstone mantra " (long ver.). - " hoffmans bicycle ".
here the band are rehearsing 'moonstone mantra' but playing around with the structure...robert starts off finger picking the opening parts to 'a cosmic journey.....' then mutating it into 'moonstone mantra'...this take is very spacy with lots of nice psych elements....recorded in the summer of 2008 at their main rehearsal hall....
Keywords: psychedelic rock
Downloads: 177
[audio]" a cosmic journey into the universe...." - " hoffmans bicycle ".
here is the band in 2008 at rehearsal working on a new tune called "a cosmic journey into the universe"...this version is pretty much how it sounded live and its a take i like much more than the 'big noise' demo done in 2009.Recorded in one of the bands rehearsal spaces it captures the group completely live with no over dubs....
Keywords: psychedelic rock
Downloads: 682
[audio]" black cypress " - live kkpd festival 28/7/11. - " hoffmans bicycle ".
the band played its biggest festival in july 2011 'kozmick kens psychedelic dream festival' in devon...here they debuted several brand new songs to a new audience that was there to hear predominantly space-rock so were happy that their music went down so well and in doing so were invited back to play 2012!here the band play an early version of 'black cypress' that was taken straight off of the mixing desk and so isn't mixed.....please enjoy this in the spirit in which it was made!....and kozmik ...
Keywords: psychedelic
Downloads: 121
[audio]" an indian summer dance ". - " hoffmans bicycle ".
this is a rehearsal done on the 19/5/09 in readiness for a recording session the following week....this would have been the title track of the bands debut album....unfortunately the band was finished by late august and a new line-up was in place....again this is recorded on a small hand held cassette recorder at one of the group's rehearsal spaces...the band were : david.......tabla. robert......guitar...
Keywords: psychedelic-rock
Downloads: 233
[audio]" east - west / 1000micro gramms of love " - " hoffmans bicycle ".
another jam session track from the summer of 2005 carried out at the bands rehearsal space.Recorded on a small hand held casstte player hi-fi it isn't! but it shows the band jamming on two songs they never played at a live show...this is the original line-up with :david/tabla....graham/guitar/sonics....christian/guitar/acoustic guitar/sitar/vocals.
Keywords: psychedelic rock
Downloads: 140
[audio]"habib23_764_720" - "habib
Keywords: habib2
Downloads: 96
[audio]"Habib23740_442_423" - "Habib
Keywords: Habib23
Downloads: 42
[audio]"habib2303_701_3" - "habib2303_701_3"
Keywords: habib2303_701_3
Downloads: 320
[audio]"habib2303_701_945" - "habib2303_701_945"
Keywords: habib2303_701_945
Downloads: 47
[audio]"habib23_636" - "habib23_636"
Keywords: habib23_636
Downloads: 76
[audio]"habib23_670" - "habib23_670"
Keywords: habib23_670
Downloads: 335
[audio]"habib_300" - "habib_300"
Keywords: habib_300
Downloads: 72
[audio]"habib_300_541" - "habib_300_541"
Ø£ÙØ´Ùدة ÙÙ Ùاحة اÙاÙا٠ÙÙجÙع اÙاحباب
Keywords: habib_300_541
Downloads: 55
[audio]"habib_643_158" - "habib_643_158"
Keywords: habib_643_158
Downloads: 9
[audio]"habib_643_283" - "habib_643_283"
Keywords: habib_643_283
Downloads: 12
[audio]"habib_643_399" - "habib_643_399"
Keywords: habib_643_399
Downloads: 11
[audio]"habib_643_443" - "habib_643_443"
Keywords: habib_643_443
Downloads: 9
[audio]"habib_643_642" - "habib_643_642"
Keywords: habib_643_642
Downloads: 130
[audio]"habib_643_803" - "habib_643_803"
Keywords: habib_643_803
Downloads: 99
[audio]Umbau im globalen Sueden: oekologisch und sozial - "Helle Panke" e.V.
WELCHE EIGENEN WEGE SIND DENKBAR UND IN WELCHEM VERHAELTNIS STEHEN SIE ZUM NORDEN? Mitschnitt einer Veranstaltung vom 9. Januar 2012 in der Reihe "Forum Wirtschafts- und Sozialpolitik" mit Dr. Joerg Goldberg und Dr. Tadzio Mueller. 1.) Dr. Tadzio Mueller 2.) Dr. Joerg Goldberg 3.) Auszug aus der Diskussion (erste Podiumsrunde) Text der Veranstaltungankuendigung: Umbau im globalen Sueden: oekologisch und sozial...
Keywords: Dr. Joerg Goldberg; Dr. Tadzio Mueller; Forum Wirtschafts- und Sozialpolitik; Helle Panke
Downloads: 18
[audio]Rechtspopulismus - Begriffsbestimmung, AkteurInnen und Gegenstrategien - "Helle Panke" e.V. - Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Berlin
Mitschnitt einer Veranstaltung in der Reihe "Politik aktuell" vom 2. September 2011 - in Zusammenarbeit von "Helle Panke" e.V., der "Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung: Gesellschaftsanalyse und politische Bildung" e. V. und dem Buendnis "Rechtspopulismus stoppen". 1- Einleitung (Dirk Stegemann) und Christoph Butterwegge 2- Jochem Visser 3- Mobile Beratung gegen Rechtsextremismus (MBR) Berlin 4- Nachfrage an Jochem Visser 5- Nachfragen an Christoph Butterwegge und MBR 6- Schlussrunde Aus der Veranstaltungsa...
Keywords: Helle Panke; Rechtspopulismus; Dirk Stegemann; Christoph Butterwege; Jochem Visser; Mobile Beratung gegen Rechtsextremismus
Downloads: 60
[audio]Zivilgesellschaft im arabischen Raum - "Helle Panke" e.V. - Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Berlin
Mitschnitt einer Veranstaltung vom 17. Juni aus der Reihe "Politik aktuell" der "Hellen Panke" in Zusammenarbeit mit "Ibn Rushd Fund for Freedom of Thought". 1.) Einleitung - Hikmat Bushnaq (Ibn Rushd Fund for Freedom of Thought) 2.) Dr. Atef Botros (Universitaet Marburg) 3.) Werner Ruf (Prof.fuer Internationale Politik und Friedensforschung, Kassel) 4.) Kurze Podiumsrunde (Botors und Ruf) 5.) Mokhtar Yahyaoui (Richter, Mitglied der Hohen Kommission, Tunis) und Diskussion Aus der Veranstaltungsa...
Keywords: Hikmat Bushnaq; Atef Botros; Werner Ruf; Mokhtar Yahyaoui
Downloads: 51
[audio]"Geht Demokratie ohne Demokraten?" - "Helle Panke" e.V. - Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Berlin
Der Fall Eichmann, die junge Bundesrepublik und wir - fuenfzig Jahre danach. Mitschnitt vom 28. April 2011 einer gemeinsamen Veranstaltung des Vereins "Helle Panke" - Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Berlin, der Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Brandenburg und der RLS-Reihe "Politik Aktuell". Mit Beitraegen von: 1.) Dr. Holger Politt (Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, Leipzig) 2.) Prof. Dr. Georg Fuelberth (Politikwissenschaftler, Marburg) 3.) Daniela Dahn (Schriftstellerin, Berlin) 4.) Diskussion (gekuerzt) Text der Vera...
Keywords: Daniela Dahn; Georg Fuelberth; Holger Politt; Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung; Fall Eichmann
Downloads: 122
[audio]Helden, Sklaven oder gut bezahlte Soeldner? - "Helle Panke" e.V. - Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Berlin
Die Oekonomie des Profisports. Vortrag in der Reihe "Fussball, Fans und das Drumherum" am 04.06.2012 Kein Vereinssport in Deutschland ist beliebter, kein Profisport profitabler als Fussball. Aber wie funktioniert dieses Geschaeft? Was kennzeichnet den Profisport? Wie kam es dazu, dass aus Arbeitersportvereinen millionenschwere Unternehmen wurden? Gibt es im bezahlten Fussball nur den Kampf um den Klassenerhalt oder auch ein wenig Klassenkampf? Referent: Dietrich Schulze-Marmeling (Autor) Moderat...
Keywords: Dietrich Schulze-Marmeling; Schulze-Marmeling; Fussball; Profisport; Sportoekonomie
Downloads: 49
[audio]#001_CreepyTales-Psychosis,Pt.1 - "Herb"
Keywords: Creepypasta; The Dungeon Pit Podcast
Downloads: 8
[audio]"fire puja" - "hoffmans bicycle"
another re-recording from the "montsale studio" rehearsals 11 th dec.09.This time the track has added tampura that brings out more of the eastern vibe the song evokes.
Keywords: psychedelic rock
Downloads: 48
[audio]"fire puja" - "hoffmans bicycle"
another track re-recorded at "montsale studios" 11th dec.09.Here the recording has tampura added to give more of an eastern vibe.
Keywords: psychedelic rock
Downloads: 79
[audio]"dorians garden" - "hoffmans bicycle"
a demo recorded at a rehearsal carried out at "montsale studios" 11th dec.09 Its a re-recording of a track originally recorded but rejected by the band.Here it has an electric lead but will in future have an acoustic one.Lyrics will be added later in the new year. Band members are : david : tabla. graham : electric guitar/acoustic guitar/sonics. philip : electric guitar/acoustic guitar/12 string acoustic/sitar/vocals.
Keywords: psychedelic rock
Downloads: 62
[audio]"dorian's garden" - "hoffmans bicycle"
a demo from "montsale studios" recorded 20th november 09.Not too happy with the mix(grahams acoustic lead is much too quiet...)but an interesting take none the less with both acoustcs(one is a 12string the other a 6string..)Hear the later take with electric lead else where...the lyrics should be ready for the song mid january where it will have the two acoustics....
Keywords: psychedelic rock
Downloads: 45
[audio]"onetimesthree/moonstone mantra". - "hoffmans bicycle".
these two tracks are from the bands 3rd e.p. released in march 2008.They were always linked together as much as all the live material was...here though my media player breaks the link for some reason! so they are split...this was recorded by the band at their rehearsal space and live! much different to the proposed album version you can find else where with a more wigged-out guitar solo by christian and heavier too..robert drives it along with his fuzz-tone ryhthm guitar...whist david's tabla ho...
Keywords: psychedelic-rock
Downloads: 36
[audio]"white rabbit" - "hoffmans bicycle".
This is taken from a rehearsal jam that took place in june 05 and is the only cover tune the band ever performed...originally by san francisco's 'great!society' and written by grace slick the band would often use it as a jumping off point in rehearsal...hopefully we have done it justice...this is live with no overdubs and recorded on a small handheld cassette player...so hi-fi it isn't! this is by the original line-up of the band....david/graham & christian.
Keywords: 'psychedelic rock'
Downloads: 148
[audio]"tick-tock". - "hoffmans bicycle".
this is a brand new track recorded by the band themselves at "montsale studios" its produced and engineered by philip of the band.the band is : david-tabla/graham-guitar,acoustic guitar,sonics/philip-guitar,6string acoustic,12string acoustic,sitar,tanpura.This recording was done on the 26th february 2010.
Keywords: psychedelic rock
Downloads: 135
[audio]"moonstone mantra....." - "hoffmans bicycle".
here is the second part of the "onetimesthree/moonstone mantra" e.p. its split which is a shame as they should be linked and hope it doesn't spoil your enjoyment? again this would have been re-recorded for the proposed album that was being recorded in may/june of 2009.The band are: david.......tabla. robert......6string acoustic/12string acoustic/electric guitar. christian...6string acoustic/12string acoustic/electric guitar/sitar/vocals.
Keywords: psychedelic-rock
Downloads: 130
[audio]"a cosmic journey into the universe...." - "hoffmans bicycle".
another track taken from the 29th may 09 sessions at "big noise studios".This tune along with five others were recorded that day for inclusion on the debut album.The line-up then was : david - tabla. robert - guitar/12string acoustic/sound scapes. christian - guitar/12string acoustic/sitar/vocals.
Keywords: psychedelic rock
Downloads: 227
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